Missing Balat

How do you feel losing loved ones? I'm referring to our fur kids.  I've been a cat rescuer for over five years now. It started when I rescued the first kitten I saw along Boni Avenue. He was sitting beside the homeless man scavenging garbage bag for some things he could find to eat or to sell at the junk shop. He was minding his business and unaware of the kitten beside him. I could tell the kitten was waiting for the man to give him some scraps he could spare. I passed by them and I was thinking I will get him after I went back from the supermarket. Luckily he was still there when I passed by so I took him. The rest is good story I can tell. I got a companion for Negra. I named him Balat.

He died a couple of years ago. I still fondly remember him. He was docile and love to sleep for the whole day except when time he needs to go out and about. He was grumpy to other male cats. He chose to stay and live outside when I started rescuing more cats.  He only goes home when it is time to eat.

A week before he died. He was not responding when I call on his name. I found him laying by his side on the ground at the vacant lot down the street. He was trying to stand and walk to me when I call his name I noticed. So I picked the poor cat and brought him home. I tried to coax him to eat something for a couple of days. He didn't want to eat nor drink his water. It seems that he was poisoned and his body was fighting off the toxin he had eaten. He grew weaker by the day and died after a week.

They say most cats only live four to five years or longer if they are well taken care. Balat lived over five years. I was lucky to have him.