If I would be WALLL-E

 This is the poem I wrote after I saw the movie "WALL-E" in 2008.

"If I Would Be WALL-E"

I will live for hundred years
I will put away other people’s garbage and make skyscrapers out of it
I will know the true meaning of self sufficiency
I will be happy singularly living
I will have a lowly cockroach as my pet
I will take each day break an opportunity to be my best
I will pick up sundries that would make my collection complete
I will have time to stop for a moment and look up and wonder who’s out there
I will watch my favorite romantic film until it would come true to me
I will be a hopeless romantic and holding someone else’s hand is such a beauty
I will cross the galaxy to save my true love
And lastly, I will see that there’s always a happy ending